For Maymom Flange for Spectra/ Medela with valve & membrane for Wide Mouth Bottle

Q1: My nipple size is 15mm. Do you think will it be better to order 21mm breastshield for longer usage?

A: If your breastshield is too big, the whole areola area will be pulled in during pumping which will hurt your areola area. Our recommendation is measure your nipple diameter and add 2 to 3mm to the measured length and that will be the flange size. 

Q2: Is this compatible with Hegen bottle? 

A2: Yes, it is compatible with the use of Hegen adapter. For Hegen adapter, please use Hegen PCTO™ Wide Neck Bottle Adapters. Please note, the flange connector cannot be used with Hegen pumps.

Q3: Can this fit Medela Symphony?

A3: Yes, it can. Please note this does not fit Medela standard neck bottle though. It is only compatible with wide mouth bottle

Q4: Is this compatible with Ameda Mya pump?

A4: Yes it is!

Q5: Does this have the size written anywhere on the flange ? I bought Two sizes and after sterilizing them, I don’t know which one is which size now!

A5: Most maymom's flange sizes are marked inside the nipple tunnel. Look into it and you will see the marking.

Q6: Will these work with the Motif Luna?

A6: Yes, it will connect together. However, be aware that the "shape" of the flange is a little different from that of Motif Luna. Most mothers will not feel the difference.