Know your Freestyle Pump Parts and replacements

There are many parts to the breast pump and I always got mummies having difficulties to describe or name their the parts they need or how to replace them.

This post is for Freestyle Breast Pump which is one of the known Medela electric double side breast pump. It is light and portable and rechargeable which is a plus point for mummies who are always on the move.

Here's a picture that tells you all the parts names of Freestyle Breast Pump.

Mamagoose Blog Post - Anatomy of Freestyle Breast  Pump

So how often do you need to replacement the parts?

Part Name

Replacement Frequency



Every 3 to 6 months, or

When the connection to the parts or motor is loose (this means loss of suction),


Replace pump tubing immediately if there are any signs of mould.

All the pump parts must be dried when assembling them for pumping.

Using wet parts introduce mould to the tubing over time.

Mould particles can transfer through the air and make a baby sick if they drink milk that is pumped with mouldy tubing.

Freestyle Spare Part Kit

Should be replaced every 3 to 4 months if you are pumping between 1 to 3 times per day. They should be replaced every 2-3 months if you are pumping more frequently than 3 times per day, or if you are exclusively pumping

If they are not placed, yellow membrane may start to stretch out and reduce the amount of suction on your pump.


Every 6 months (or as needed)



Every 6 months (or as needed)


Here at Mamagoose, we offer you solutions to replace the parts of your Freestyle breast pump. Solution A, offers you all parts replacement except the Pump motor.

Links to Solution A:

Freestyle Replacement Set which includes:


MyCrater Breastshield - breast shield which is more ergonomic compare


Here's solution B. This also offers a full replacement of the parts needed, except the pump motor! This option is a more economical solution over the long run if you intend to pump for some time.

Parts for Solution B:

Freestyle Tubing

Flange Kit for Freestyle Breast pump

Milk Storage Bottle


Happy pumping! Free free to write to us if have queries. 

Love Mamagoose!

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